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The green tea have both been recognized as powerful antioxidants that have the ability to protect healthy immune and cellular function. Allow me to tell you more about this, and to share my views on the importance of adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet.

Yacon Low Calorie

A jar of yacon syrup contains half the calories as a same-sized jar of honey and its sugar does not raise blood glucose levels. In addition, oligofructose promotes beneficial bacteria in the colon.

Liver Stones ?, High Blood Pressure ?, Anticancer Medicine?, High Cholesterol, Fatigue problems, lack of energy? Stress,   urinary problems? Hormonal Alternative treatments
According to the National Institute of Health, "Epidemiologic evidence suggests that magnesium may play an important role in regulating blood pressure."

The organization goes on to say, "Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. There is an increased interest in the role of magnesium in preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Dietary magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines. Magnesium is excreted through the kidneys.

You may start your day with a tab of Yacon then drink your Yacon tea between the breakfast and before your meal
then 30 minutes before your break atnother tab of Yacon is suggested.

Then as a "coffe break" have another Yacon tea 30 minutes before or after your dinner and another Yacon tab.

The Yacon infusion may strength the effect of the previously mentioned capsules extract, at the same time acting directly on the intestines, eliminating the putrid remnants adhering to the walls of this organism in accordance to the fundamentals exposed in the Cleansing of the Organism.

It is also very important to consider detoxify your body beore any natural treatment. Learn about the Manayupa cleansing benefits (click Here) .

Diabetes Natural Treatment
based on Yacon
Polymnia sonchifolia)

A lush, full-bodied vegan sweetener with lots of character.(Tastes just like caramel & molasses in raw ice creams.) Finally, a raw organic syrup suitable for all raw dessert dishes!

Yacon is renown for being sweet and tasty. Yacon is actually very sweet - it is packed full of sugar - but it is still good for dieters as the majority of the sugar it contains is oligofructose, which cannot be absorbed by the body. Thus, Yacon is perfect for both dieters and diabetics as it is low in calories and does not raise blood glucose levels.

The Oligofructose promotes the growth of so-called friendly bacteria in the colon meaning that it is good for the digestive system, and to top it all off, the root contains high levels of health-boosting antioxidants
For those looking for vegan sweeteners that are raw, look no further. The Raw Organic Yacon Syrup's full-bodied flavor will add so much character to your raw dishes, especially the dessert ones. Up until now, there has been a dilemma on this issue: honey, though can be gotten "raw", is not vegan, and maple syrup, though vegan, is not raw. Everything thing else is not even a viable option due to political objections (e.g. sugar cane) or over-processing. So what do you use in raw, organic, vegan dishes?? The answer is Raw Organic Yacon Syrup, which is warmed up to just 104 degrees Fahrenheit to evaporate the moisture to reduce the syrup, making it certifiably raw.

Yacon ( Smallanthus sonchifolius ) is a distant relative of the sunflower with edible tubers and leaves. It is commonly grown and consumed throughout the Andean region. Locally, the tuber is often chopped and added to salads, and are also consumed boiled or baked. Yacon roots contain important quantities of potassium and antioxidants.
Yacon syrup, pressed from the roots, has a dark brown color, sweet flavor (reminiscent of molasses), and is used as an alternative glucose free sweetener and prebiotic with few calories.

The unique market potential for yacon syrup in the U.S. is as a dietetic sweetener due to its unique carbohydrate composition. Most other roots and tubers store carbohydrates as starch - a polymer of glucose; yacon stores carbohydrate as fructooligosacaride (FOS) - a polymer composed mainly of fructose. Yacon syrup has a strong potential in international markets as an ingredient in diet, diabetes, and colon-related heath food products. Dried yacon root powder contains 50-70% (dry basis) FOS and low proportion of simple sugars (e.g., glucose, fructose and sucrose). The human body has no enzyme to hydrolyze FOS, so it passes through the digestive tract unmetabolized, providing few calories, a marketing strength for dieters and diabetics. Yacon also acts as a prebiotic. The undigested portion of yacon serves as food for "friendly" bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus species, in the colon.

Clinical studies have shown that administering inulin can increase the number of these friendly bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria.

Other benefits noted with FOS supplementation include increased production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate, increased absorption of calcium and magnesium, and improved elimination of toxic compounds. Preclinical studies indicated an increase in bone density after consumption of FOS. In addition, the beneficial effects of FOS on the presence of Bifidobacteria suggest an improved absorption of vitamins, such as the B complexes.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is this information meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Want to learn more about the benefits of the Green Tea

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Infusions, Learn how to Prepare it

An infusion is a method of preparing herbs, usually prepared with boiling water and dried herbs,

Place the dried herb or the filtrant tea bag into a cup then fill the cup or container with boling water and cover it and let it rest for some minutes before drinking. It is better that you don´t use sugar because it may alter the chemical composition of the infusion.

It is necessary to use boiling water and not hot water because only the boiling will accelerate the extraction of the natural nutritional susbtances of the herb.

Do not boil the tea bag or the infusion together or you will loose the medicinal properties of the herb.

How to Detoxify Body Toxins safely is the most misunderstood aspect of of alternative health practices.

Detoxification symptoms commonly crop up when a person is undergoing cleansing.

When the toxins are tucked inside the cell, they interfere with cellular chemistry and decrease energy production.

When they come out of the cell, the toxins are back in contact with nerves where they cause symptoms because they irritate the nerves.

Cure type-2 diabetes in 25 days?

UCLA study proves hat diabetes is reversible in three weeks!
By Mike Adams Trough Publishing

Anti Cancer
The National Cancer Institute, there have numerous studies regarding the benefits of green tea. A study on green tea was just published on Dec. 20, 2006 in the medical journal Carcinogensis. This study, involving over 1,000 women, indicated that those who consumed green tea at 500 to 749 grams per year reduced their risk of breast cancer by an amazing 41%2. This would be a level of at least 1,500 mg per day. Researchers concluded long-term and regular consumption of green tea can reduce risk of breast cancer.
Medicinal (antidiabetic) properties have been attributed to yacon leaves (Kakihara et al. 1996)
To reduce cholesterol we encourage to review the amazing effects of Caigua

Yacon may help to reduce High Blood Pressure

Alternative Medicine and Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure
Increasingly, people are looking to alternative medicine for treatment of hypertension. Why, you ask? Alternative medicine is relatively inexpensive while medications can easily cost a small fortune. Furthermore, medications usually have side effects, which may be difficult for some people to handle.


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