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TuneUp Plus  ? –  It is our product that contains two amazonian herbs used for over two hundred years as a libido booster. Our product it is  enhanced with the  The Black maca it is a a rosette of frilly leaves with an enlarged fleshy underround organ formed by the taproot and the lower part of the hypocotyl. These parts of the herb swell during growth, that make a storage organ resembling turnip and radish. The Black Maca is cultivated for the human consumption of its root-hypocatyl axis

The chemical composition of black maca is attributed as a food supplement. The nutritional value of the dried black maca hypocotyl is high, resembling that found in cereal grains such as rice, wheat and maize.

Some men start to experience these changes in the mid to late 40’s and some men don’t experience this type of change until they are 70. [However the more we know about women, the more we are learning that the hormonal changes in women are also very gradual and should not be measured primarily by the cessation of menses (menopause), which in any case is frequently an on again off again process. ] In a recent study published in the professional journal, Urology, a series of rat studies involving feeding some groups of rats maca and others a normal diet (the control groups), the groups of rats getting the maca had many more ‘penile intromissions’ (erections) than the control groups and in the groups of rats suffering from erectile dysfunction who were fed maca, a much quicker erection response was noticed as compared with the control groups.Black Maca a real libido enhancer by Peru VIllage
This experiment confirmed what most men taking maca have noticed, more frequent erections, stronger erections which lasted longer, and more sexual desire.

Men need to be taking a daily zinc supplement since the prostate needs a lot of zinc to function adequately and maca will work better for them if they have enough zinc. If they don’t have it, the man’s body will tend to convert the progesterone it makes into estrogen. Then even though a man’s body is making adequate testosterone, since so much is being converted by his body into estrogen, he will put on weight, tend to develop breasts, and will have low erectile function. A word of caution, about the dosage of black macas . In men it is easy to ‘overdo it” –to take too much black maca, for too long, and then the opposite effect will set in–a loss of libido with increased fatigue.

Natural Energy Booster or a source of vital energy and in a low dosage maca it is a great allied for Menopause you can get an easy natural hormonal replacement just taking a tab or two of maca 500mg. Certainly you can reduce the menopause sympthoms.


It is believed that and people around the world are using Black Maca as a powerful aphrodisiac that enhance sexual drive and the female fertility: The “Black maca” also has been reported to enhance energy and vitality as well other medicinal properties that are attributed to the Black Maca that include regulation the hormonal secretion, stmimulation of metabolism, memory improvement, anti depressant activity and effectiviness for anemia treatments as well leukemia, AIDS and Cancer.

(Do not be confused because there are transgenic cheaper products that are sold for a few pennies in the market .). Get the original Peruvian black maca “Ledipium Meyenil ”
In the ancient times shamans and sorceres used “black maca” to perform their “magic rituals and ceremonies “. But later, during the spanish conquerores occupation of the Inka Empire, its use was barred because the Spaniards considered that it was linked to pagan practices, not consistent with then ongoing religious catechization of the indian population. Notwithstanding this prohibition, “black macas” continued to be used by the Andean population, particularly in regions where gold was being extracted from the mines. Maca is a natural energy booster that reduces fatigue and gives the body the necessary energy and stamina for everyday activities without the excessive chemical components as most products.

The black maca organics are obtained from the “Polution Free Virgin Andean Highlands of Peru”. The andean Lepidium MeyenilBlack Maca is a powerful anti aging and libido enhancer for men and women.. Whose main goal was to combine get the best formulation that worked together to increase your energy up, your limits and increase and intensify your vitality

How Black Maca works
The “aphrodisiac” properties of the Black maca can be attributed to the presence of prostablandins and steroids in the hypocotyls and to the amides of polyunsatured fatty acid The glucosinalates are just some of the products in black maca that might have biological activity translating into desirable medical and nutritional value: There derive cancer protecting isothiocynates by hydrolysis mediated by the enzyme myrosinase, which is typically present in cruciferous plants as well as in the gut microflora of mammals