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“Chanca Piedra” A miracle ancient herb.

kidney stone treatment, Chanca Piedra is a Peruvian Herb used for kidney stone, urinary infection, hepatitus B and antiviral applications

kidney stone treatment, Chanca Piedra is grown in the rainforest and has been used by Peruvian herbalist as a treatment for gallstones and kidney stones, urinary infections, hepatitis B, and antiviral applications.

What is Chanca Piedra ? It is the common name of a herb that grows in the Peruvian Andes. It has been used by Andean healers for over 2,000 years and has a wide number of traditional uses. .It has greenish white flowers. A very small warlike fruit, greenish-red, is underneath every pair of the feathered leaves.

When the plant is picked the feathery leaves fold in, completely closing themserves. It is a common weed in Surinam and closely related in appearance and photochemical structure to two other weeds, also common in this country: phyllanthus amarus and phyllanthus niruri.

The curative properties of plant are well known in Couth America this herb have been used as a natural treatment of many ailments beginning with “Kidney Stones” or Gall stones problems, gonorrhea, frequent menstruation, and diabetes and using it topically as a poultice for skin ulcers, sores, swelling, and itchiness.

The young shoots of the plant are administered in the form of an infusion for the treatment of chronic dysentery.Common name: chanca piedra, (stone breaker), quebra pedra, chamberbitter, leafflower.


The plant have been used for several disease conditions to reduce the kidney spasmos produced by kidney stones it is also used for a natural treatment for, diabetes, dysentery, blennorrhagia, flu, tumors, jaundice, vaginitis, against headache,fever, conjunctivitis, menstrual disorders and dyspepsia, but results on kidney stones are great to relieve the touble.


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Diuretic, Nephrolithiasis

Helps to destroy the the kidney stones used in traditional herbal medicine as a urinary tractdisinfectant and diuretic.

In Peru´s traditional herbals medicine, have used against colic, and as an effective remedy to eliminate gall – and kidney stonesurinary tract infection, bladder inflammation and for other kidney and liver problems in general such as acute – and chronic hepatitis B. It is also a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and hypoglycemic properties.

How it works

Pharmacology: the primory action of stone breaker is on the liver; it acts by the inhibition of DNA polymerase on the hepatitis B virus.

The enzyme DNA polymerase is needed for the virus to reproduce.Several studies suggest that phyllanthus urinaria works far better than the related species p. amarus, p. debilis and p. niruri in the treatment of hepatitis B.In preliminary research in animals, extracts of phyllantus plants have shown promishing results in painrelief . The mechanism seems to be that this is reached by decreasing inflammation.

Usual Dosage: 3 times a day for two months.

Active Compounds:

Phyllanthus primarily contains lignans (e.g., phyllanthine and hypophyllanthine), alkaloids, and bioflavonoids (e.g., quercetin). While it remains unknown as to which of these ingredients has an anti-viral effect, research shows that this herb acts primarily on the liver. This action in the liver confirms its historical use as a remedy for jaundice.


Smooth muscle relaxation to the urinary and biliary tract.
Lowers blood glucose in diabetic patients.
Antiviral in hepatitis (mixed results).
Inhibits HIV-1 reproduction We have the Chanca Piedra in tabs each of 350 mg of 100% Natural

Hardiness: USDA zone 8 – 11.
Propagation: seeds.
Culture: full sun / partial shade, sandy loam soil.
Chanca Piedra  (Phylanthus niruri)


Infectious illness and litiasis of urinary tract. Antioxidant. Hepato-protector. Gastrointestinal diseases, anti-inflammatory ones, urinary retention, dropsy, prostate discomfort, diabetes, reduces blood sugar, syphilis, blood purifier,
gallstones and hepatic disorders – Jaundice. Usage: kidney stones, liver disease, gallstones, gallbladder

Chanca Piedra is grown in the rainforest and has been used by Peruvian herbalist as a treatment for gallstones and kidney stones, urinary infections, hepatitis B, and antiviral applications.

Phyllantus Niruri is a member of the Euphorbiacae’s family including the Iterea gender. The pharmacological properties of this plant depend on its leaves and flowers. CHANCA PIEDRA has a great number of organic acids that after its ingestion pass through the kidney and are rapidly filtered by the glomerule, avoiding its re-absorption. CHANCA PIEDRA increases the solubility of alkaline salts and help to maintain normal bacterial levels in the uro-genital tract. The phenolic component that it has, have been identified as a strong antioxidant. Among the phytochemical products are 3, 5, 7 trihydroxiflava-noids, astralgine, brevifoline, carboxilic acid, limonine, lupeol, metilsalicilato, nirantine, nirtraline, nirurine, quercetol, rutina, spoininas, etc.

Clinical trials have shown that the CHANCA PIEDRA in-fusion has an antispasmodic activity greater than papavarine.their primary application is to dissolve kidney stones, It is also known its hepato-protector effect on the Hepatitis type B

Dosage suggested: Two tabs before of after the first meal (breakfast) and two tabs after your dinner for 4 weeks. then stop one week and start egain.


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No side effects have been reported

Allergic patients must avoid to use this product or use with cautions
Pregnant woman and kids must consult your physician before making any change in their treatment.