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The Caigua is an excellent fruit because it helps you regulating the metabolism of fats, reducing the bad cholesterol. The Caigua produces a double positive effect, on the one hand helps to reduce LDL cholesterol – also known as bad cholesterol – and furthermore helps to increase HDL cholesterol – known as good-. This double effect makes the Caigua an ideal complement for people with overweight and high cholesterol problems.


The Caigua fruit is part of the daily diet of Peruvians. Its beneficial effects on health have been tested in a series of clinical studies so it can be classified as a functional food. On the other hand, the seed is recommended in the treatment of hypertension. In the fruit, which is the used part of the Caigua, find pectin, galacturonic acid, a bitter principle: the picrina, mineral salts, and most importantly: a steroidal compound, consisting of a mixture of sitoserol 3-Beta-d Glycoside, which is believed due its excellent effects in the treatment of cholesterol and triglycerides.


The Caigua clinical studies

One of the clinical studies conducted by the  Cayetano Heredia University  in Lima, Peru in post-menopausal women determined that treatment of Caigua managed to reduce the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia of 75% to 12.5%.


This same University, conducted another study to determine the effects of the Caigua on the lipid profile of middle-aged adults. In these studies, the following results were obtained:


The study was designed to determine if oral administration of Caigua dehydrated in different doses for a period of 12 weeks modified profile lipid of adults of both sexes. For this purpose they studied 60 people divided into six groups.

The 12 weeks of treatment was observed a reduction in serum cholesterol of 18.3%, LDL cholesterol by 23% and an increase in HDL cholesterol of 42% in the group treated with 6 Caigua capsules. In cases of high cholesterol treatment with 6 capsules of Caigua normalized the levels of serum cholesterol in 82% of cases; in the same way for cases of hypercholesterolemia LDL.


Serum triglycerides are also significantly reduced by the use of the dehydrated Caigua. In addition effects anti-inflammatory and analgesic, attributed to him while that the seed of the plant is attributed antihypertensive effects. It is considered a non-toxic product.


Benefits of the Caigua

Caigua is an amazing anti cholesterol, anti-atherosclerosis and hypertension fruit. Based on studies previously described, we can summarize that the Caigua gives us many benefits, among which we can list the following:


Reduction of the level bad cholesterol and combat atherosclerosis.

Its lipotropic action gives a double positive effect, since on the one hand it helps to reduce LDL cholesterol that accumulates focally in arteries, also known as cholesterol bad and on the other hand, helps to increase HDL cholesterol. This double effect makes the CAIGUA an ideal complement to the treatment of hypercholesterolemia.

It regulates the metabolism; so reducing the cholesterol in the blood.

Recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of weight loss. It is recommended in the treatment of hypertension.

Diseases of the respiratory system.

It helps in cases of otitis.

The Caigua is a fiber-rich fruit. It can be consumed in its natural form, in salads, as appetizers, stuffed with meat or in capsules. If you decide to eat in capsule form, it is recommended to take two pills 30 minutes before meals, usually before breakfast and lunch with plenty of water.


Start improving your health, including this wonderful fruit as part of your daily meals.

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