Home PageHealth & Nutrition NewsEating fish twice a week would give us two more years of life

According to a study made by Harvard University, there is a 35% lower risk of death from heart disease in over 65 years

Dark meat fish are best for health because they contain more omega-3.

Eating fish can make us live longer. Research suggests that people over 65 who consume this meat twice a week or more may live two years longer than those who do not include this rich foods omega-3 fatty acids.

Those with high levels of that substance in the blood have a 27% lower risk of death from any type, and 35% lower risk of death from heart disease than those with lower levels of omega-3, the study said. This was conducted by the School of Public Health Harvard University.
For research, the experts reviewed medical records of 2,700 Americans 65 years over 16 years.
It should be noted that omega-3 is found primarily in dark meat fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies.

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