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A recent study made by the National University of San Marcos has found that Maca improves the antioxidant defenses level and energizing the memory and learning capacities in animals

Maca (“Lepidium meyenii Walp“), one of the most famous Andean roots in the world for its revitalizing properties also improve learning and memory, according to a study at the Research Center of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine of the National University of San Marcos (San Marcos).

Dr. Raquel Oré Sifuentes, responsible for the research, said that in reaching this conclusion, the effect of energizing  maca on memory and learning in animals, through biochemical tests.

“Weanling rats that had an average of 21 days old were given for 15 days, yellow maca aqueous extract at doses ranging from 0.4 mg, 0.8 mg and 1.2 mg per gram of weight, “she explained.

To ensure that these animals consumed precise doses, the Maca Extract was given by orogastric tube, said the head of research “Effect of aqueous extract of maca on cognitive function in weanling rats”, which was also exposed at the Havana International Conference ORP 2009, in Cuba.

The Test of Morris

After the consumption of this product coming from Carhuamayo (Junín), rodents were tested on an evaluation known in the scientific community as examining spatial learning Morris water test.

“The average water temperature was 27 ° C, and for three days was analyzed the issue of learning and one day the memory,” she said.

The results found were valuable, especially in the aspect of memory, because those rats that consumed higher doses of maca extract had a better response, said Dr. Rachel Oré, who since 2002 is involved with the study of this root.

“Animals that consumed higher doses of Maca extract found the Morris’ test platform in better time – much faster” she said.

On top of that result, after culminating the research, the brain was removed from the animals and found that several of them had improved antioxidant defenses, after verifying the inhibition of the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase, which would improve the cognitive function.

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