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Menopause is a natural transition that occurs when estrogen production drops below a certain level and therefore stops ovulation and women no longer have the rule. The decrease in the production of estrogen actually occurs since the age of 35 years. When estrogen levels fall, the woman undergoes the following changes:

  • The blood vessels are weakened
  • The liver does not receive impulses to make good the bad cholesterol.
  • The density of bones begins to fall at a rate of 1-3% per year.
  • Serotonin (the brain neurotransmitters) , which contributes to the relaxation and sleep is affected.

In consequence; These changes associated with menopause can become health problems such as:

  • high cholesterol, high blood pressure, damage to the bones, pains in the joints and osteoporosis.
  • vaginal and dryness in skin, sweats, hot flashes of heat and emotional disorders such as sudden changes in smoke.
  • increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer…



The fundamental problem of the menopause is a hormonal imbalance; moreover, the same aging process is caused largely by the drop hormone levels. Conventional medicine is often applied “hormone replacement (HRT) treatments“, in order to somehow compensate the lack of those female hormones and alleviate the symptoms of this stage. However, there are many risks associeted with that:  heart attacks, breast cancer or even dementia, among other diseases.

In addition of being expensive treatments; the inclusion of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone can indicate to the main glands of the body (the hypothalamus and the pituitary) which hormones should be produced less internally (because it has an external source), permanently damaging the natural capacity to produce these hormones, and creating a dependency on these external hormones. For these reasons many women feel frightened and who do not want to continue with this therapy.


Rejuvenation of the endocrine system naturally:

Indeed according to many prominent researchers,

Dr. Gabriel Cousens (Arizona USA) says: “whenever possible, I prefer to use a treatment with Maca Root before some hormone replacement therapy because this type of therapy (HTR) affect body glands ability ability of producing those hormones naturally. Maca has proven to be an effective treatment in patients stage of menopause; eliminating hot flashes of heat and depressions and increasing energy levels naturally. Finding the proper dosage, sometimes I have started treatment with a half teaspoon of maca powder or 3 capsules daily. In some cases I have increased the dose to a teaspoon or six capsules a day for maximum effectiveness”.


Benefits of MACA before, during and after menopause

The surprising thing about Maca Root is the fact that it contains natural substances that stimulate the “pituitary and the hypothalamus“. These glands, in turn, activate the ovaries, adrenals, testes, thyroid and pancreas to return them to a healthy functioning, as well as produce a normal number of hormones. This has been demonstrated with sex hormones by salivary hormone tests. In addition, a number of people taking thyroid medications have realized that they can stop taking or reduce the use of thyroid hormone.

During perimenopause (symptoms that lead to the last menstrual period), the consumption of maca from this stage helps in the hormonal balance which is unbalanced at this stage. For example if the estrogen is the dominant, maca will increase levels of progesterone hormones to find a point of balance. In addition consumption of maca at this stage helps the endocrine system to be healthy; what contributes to ease the effects of menopause.

During menopause: MACA prevents the emergence of flashes of heat, caused by hormonal imbalances; the mood swings are also reduced thanks to a treatment with this Andean tuber.
Many doctors are already prescribing maca to treat “chronic fatigue syndrome”, adrenal fatigue, and to restore the energy and vigour of the elderly.

During post-menopausal: at this stage the maca helps to increase hormone levels to a State post-menopausal healthier; In addition to preventing osteoporosis (thanks to its large quantity of calcium), very common in the post-menopausal. To this respect tells Stephanie Smith “a patient who had been taking maca for more than one year had a series of studies of density in the skeletal system and showed an increase in the density of the column”.

No product is effective for all women, but in the majority of cases, maca works very well.


26 The menopausal symptoms that you can alleviate with help of the Peruvian Maca Root
menopause symptoms peruvillage

  1. Hot flashes, sweating attacks
  2. Palpitations
  3. Irritability
  4. Mood swings, crying spells
  5. Sleep disturbances
  6. Irregular rules
  7. Low libido, lack of sexual desire
  8. Vaginal dryness
  9. Sudden fatigue
  10. Anguish
  11. Pessimism, depression
  12. Concentration problems
  13. Loss of memory
  14. Incontinence to sneeze or laugh
  15. Dry and red skin
  16. Pains in muscles, tendons and joints
  17. Increased muscle tension
  18. Painful or tender breasts

Gastrointestinal problems:

  1. Indigestion, flatulence
  2. Increase in allergies
  3. Sudden weight gain
  4. Hair loss
  5. Tingling in the extremities
  6. Bleeding gums
  7. Osteoporosis



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