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Maca Root Benefits – The Clinical Effects

Maca Root Benefits – The Clinical Effects.- There are many websites on Internet that mention the benefits of taking maca or maca side effects but it very hard to know where do they get that information. We have been sharing with our public the benefits of Maca based on scientific studies. Now PeruVillage would like to share with you one of the most important studies made by two peruvian universities, The Cayetano Heredia University and The National Agrarian University . This could be considered the first test on men taking Gelanitized Maca.

During 12 weeks 60 healthy men between 21 and 65 years old were divided in four different groups, three of them received maca in different dosages and one group received only placebo tablets.

The test measured the effects of maca on :

  • Hormone Level
  • Mood and Anxiety
  • Sexual Desire
  • Semen Production

Download this amazing study and learn about the effects of taking Maca on Men