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Gentianella alborosea

Hercampuri. It is a Natural Cholesterol Reducer, it has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells (no side effects.) The acid will accelerate metabolism and help the Reduce fat in a natural and great for liver problems, helps with hepatitis

Reduce cholesterol and will help you with many liver problems helps to with the Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) involved in anti-inflammatory reactions Content´s eritaurina, alchaloides heterosidos, saponinas, taninos, mineral resines aluminum, calcium, potassium, sodium magnesium,

Hercampuri, is one of the herbs available in Peru for the protection of the liver and for the treatment of all kinds of liver diseases including the high blood pressure. The hercampuri stimulate the production of bile.

The herb cleanses the blood and the liver in cases of liver dysfunction.

The liver plays a very important part in the metabolism of fats, in the production of the lipo proteins (molecules associated with proteins and fatty acids) and in the burning of fats to produce energy. Finally this organ converts excess food and calories into fat, which is then stored in the fat tissues of the body, causing an increase in weight and obesity.

Hercampuri works as a natural hypocholesterolemic (a reducer of cholesterol),it contains iridoid glycosides, that stimulate bile secretion improving digestion and encouraging the reduction of blood cholesterol.

Completed studies suggest that Hercampuri improves liver functions and reduces excess fat; which implies that it can be used to help control weight. Hercampuri helps to energize the liver by balancing the metabolism and improving circulation.

The best-known components of Hercampuri are: Eritaturin (bitter substance of the glycoside type), amarogentin, sugars, gentianic acid, sugars, volatile oils, mucilage tannins and hemicellulose.

An extremely important component is saponines, substances that act on cholesterol at level of the intestinal tract, forming an insoluble compound and restricting the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream.

Hercampuri also contains mucilage tannins, which increase the metabolism and encourage the bitter properties to intensify the production of bile, and, together with the enhanced liver functions, limit the absorption of cholesterol into the body.