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Pasuchaca, natural herbs for diabetes treatment

Pasuchaca, natural herbs for diabetes treatment

Pasuchaca has been used by ancient peruvians for the diabetes treatment. It increases the total absorption of glucose by the body, facilitates the absorption of glucose in the muscle tissue, and it inhibits hepatic gluconeogensis (the mechanism that converts compound non-carbohydrates to glucose). Pasuchaca provides glucose to the body when it doesn’t have dietary carbohydrates, and increases in diabetics the reception of insulin to its receivers. Considering that insulin doesn’t exercise effect for the transport of the glucose on certain cells such as tubular epithelium of the kidney, it appears that Pasuchaca impedes the reabsorption of glucose through the tubular epithelium; in this way, larger concentrations of glucose would be eliminated in the urine than those presented under the physiologic conditions of diabetics.

Properties :

Purifying of the blood.

With regard to the diabetes mellitus, this illness usually begins in childhood, but it can happen at any age and it is not uncommon in adults. In most cases the onset is abrupt, with loss of weight, weakness, excessive excretion of nutrients as it diminishes the production of Insulin, hyperglycemia (high glucose in the blood) appears, as a consequence of the inability of the body to use the glucose.

Diabetes Mellitus (the most common form) has been found to allow certain metabolic alterations to take place that affect the hydrates of carbon, fatty acids and proteins, which results in a group of associated disorders.

These disorders are due to a faulty mechanism having to do with the release of insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin controls the amount of glucose/sugar in the blood, and rate at which glucose is metabolized. The cells of the body need glucose to produce energy. Individuals with diabetes do not produce the insulin necessary to properly metabolize the sugars they ear, causing hyperglycemia. Prolonged hyperglycemia can lead to damaged blood vessels, which may cause eye disease, heart disease, nerve damage in internal organs and extremities, kidney disease and foot ulcers.

Pasuchaca is sugested for light treatment and moderate diabetes type, as well as gestational diabetes.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast, and up to 2 more with meals during the day.


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