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Antitumoral Graviola tabs


Proven Anti Cancer, Anti Tumoral Effects. It is effective in killing tumors that have proven resistant to anti-cancer agents. Other Actions Standard Dosage

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Product Description

Graviola Packs of 200 tabs.

Annonaceous acetogenins, Graviola, not only is effective in killing tumors that have resistance to anti-cancer agents, but also it seems to have a special affinity for such resistant cells. The findings were detailed in the journal Cancer Letters and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry a 100% Natural Products.

• kills cancer cells • relieves depression Leaves
• slows tumor growth • reduces spasms Infusion: 1 cup 3 times daily
• kills bacteria • kills viruses Tincture: 2-4 ml 3 times daily
• kills parasites • reduces fever Capsules: 2 g 3 times daily
• reduces blood pressure • expels worms
• lowers heart rate • stimulates digestion
• dilates blood vessels • stops convulsions
• sedates

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