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Product Description

Longevity #1  pack contains 200 caps each of 500 mg
Nutritional Informacion: Peruvian Maca – Lepidium Meyenii Walp 300mg
                                  Granulated Polen…………………….…….  100mg.
                                  Algarrobina Herb……………………..………100 mg
Longevity #1: It is a natural product manufactured under the BMF standars
for the Pharmaceutical industry. It is 100% natural and organic.

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Benefits of Maca Root

Usually Maca Root is extremely is known as a natural libido enhancer but it is considered as one of most important SuperFoods Watch this video about the benefits of Maca and learn how Maca can improve your health.

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More info about Maca from Medical News Online

During the program “The Drs” they talk about Maca, more precisely “Maca Root” as part of the program “Tips for A Skinnier, Healthier Sexier You, from Around the World

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Peruvian Maca Root vs Viagra

As scientific studies are carried out and the results come to light, in medical circles becomes more and more popular to refer to Maca as a natural replacement for the already famous pill from the Labs pharmaceutical Pfizer – Viagra ®. Unlike any chemical product with a tendency to have contraindications and side effects, and […]

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Peruvian Maca and Bodybuilding

The human body is the expression of the most finished creation. However not all people are aware about the functionality and the beauty of the human body. A well developed body shows all the beauty that the nature can do to human beings, but more beyond this aesthetic expression shows a state of optimum health […]

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Peruvian Maca and the Immune System

Peruvian Maca and the Immune System.- Peruvian Maca has the highest concentration of calcium than any other plant of its kind. This is a powerful restorative tonic for anaemic and convalescent people of diseases that require the formation of red blood cells; good also for menopause and menopause. Maca also contains Zinc which helps the oxygenation […]

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MACA ROOT and Menopause

Menopause is a natural transition that occurs when estrogen production drops below a certain level and therefore stops ovulation and women no longer have the rule. The decrease in the production of estrogen actually occurs since the age of 35 years. When estrogen levels fall, the woman undergoes the following changes: The blood vessels are weakened […]

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