Renal Stones prevention tabs

Mill Kidney Stones Treatment – Chanca Piedra


Pack of 180 tabs

  • Antispasmodic
  • Lowers blood glucose in diabetic patients
  • Hipoglucemic
  • Infectious illness and litiasis
  • Inhibits HIV-1 reproduction

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Product Description

CHANCA PIEDRA has a great number of organic acids that after its ingestion pass through the kidney and are rapidly filtered by the glomerule, avoiding its re-absorption. CHANCA PIEDRA increases the solubility of alkaline salts and help to maintain normal bacterial levels in the uro-genital tract. The phenolic component that it has, have been identified as a strong antioxidant. Among the phytochemical products are 3, 5, 7 trihydroxiflava-noids, astralgine, brevifoline, carboxilic acid, limonine, lupeol, metilsalicilato, nirantine, nirtraline, nirurine, quercetol, rutina, spoininas, etc.

Clinical trials have shown that the CHANCA PIEDRA in-fusion has an antispasmodic activity greater than papavarine.It primary application is for treatment of kidney stones, It is also known its hepato-protector effect on the Hepatitis type B

Dosage suggested: Two tabs before of after the first meal (breakfast) and two tabs after your dinner for 4 weeks. then stop one week and start egain.

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