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Research made in England also found that one third of women who initiate weight loss regimes end up gaining weight (some pounds)

You started with all batteries. However, after several weeks of fighting you end up leaving once again, your diet. If this sounds familiar perhaps the most know that the same thing happens you feel better.

According to a study conducted in England, the majority of women leaving their diet by an average of 5 weeks, two days and 43 minutes. Furthermore, only 13% of those who begin a regimen to lose some kilos is maintained for 13 weeks or more, while 16% leaves him after just one week, reports the Daily Mail website

The research, commissioned by the company that make Splenda, also found that one third of women who start a diet end up gaining weight (an average of a kilo and a half). Additionally, this found that these do, on average, 2.7 times a year diets, although 12% are trying to lose weight by more than 5 times.

On the other hand, for the 59% are cravings that make it difficult to follow a diet, although other factors, such as the love of food and depression also play against many.