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Here is a list of foods you can consume (with moderation), that give you the sensation of feeling full, providing nutrients and are low in calories.

Raw and cooked vegetables Between cooked vegetables, pumpkin, squash and potatoes are leading along with broccoli, but pumpkin gives more satiety.

Fruit with enough water such as watermelon or melon, which satisfy more and are low-calorie.

Whole grain cereals and breads Integral with bran breads, crackers or rice are ideal to provide carbohydrates and fiber to the daily menu.

Seeds and kernels Walnuts, filberts, flax, sesame seeds, etc., provide fiber, proteins, trace outstanding elements for healthy eating.

Legumes They are vegetarian sources of protein and fiber, are saciadoras for a long time. A simple and satiating recipe low calorie, is the stew of lentils.

Cheese As all products dairy, cheese is a great source of calcium, essential for bones and teeth. Calcium appears to also play an important role in the regulation and reduction of blood pressure. The variants low-calorie, as cheeses do eat light or nonfat.