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As scientific studies are carried out and the results come to light, in medical circles becomes more and more popular to refer to Maca as a natural replacement for the already famous pill from the Labs pharmaceutical Pfizer – Viagra ®. Unlike any chemical product with a tendency to have contraindications and side effects, and therefore not can be prescribed indiscriminately, in addition to its effects are for a short period of time, the Peruvian Maca Root – is a completely natural product without any contraindication known throughout more than 40 years of scientific and clinical research manager and/or under the direct supervision of its discoverer Dr. Gloria Chacón de Popovici; the effects of taking Maca regularly, for example, two teaspoons daily diluted in juice, milk, etc. as a food supplement, are durable and permanent.

Maca, also known as the Ginseng of the Andes and the Viagra of the Incas, for its aphrodisiac attributes, acts directly on the flow blood, which translates directly into an invigorating action of the pelvic area of men and women to increase sexual potency. The permanent action of Maca makes sexual appetite keep stimulating the libido and desire.

People often call Maca: Peruvian Ginseng or Viagra Natural. To avoid the mistakes we have made a list of differences between Maca and Viagra:

Maca Viagra Maca works both in men and women Maca works long-term Maca increases vitality and energy levels Maca is 100% natural and organic Maca has an overall beneficial effect on the body Viagra is only applicable in males Viagra has immediate effects but short term Viagra doesnt’t make any improvement over the levels of vitality and energy Viagra is a chemical Viagra does not have an overall beneficial effect on the body


The human body is the expression of the most finished creation. However not all people are aware about the functionality and the beauty of the human body. A well developed body shows all the beauty that the nature can do to human beings, but more beyond this aesthetic expression shows a state of optimum health and a high spiritual state. The origin of the bodybuilding is lost in time, we can see it in ancient sculptures, paintings and prints of almost all cultures, different forms of physical expression. Today, the practice of this sport has reached to limits that we have never seen before. Athletes, both men and women, have come to shape their bodies according to the highest standards. However the use of some chemical agents set out important risks to health, going against one of the fundamental principles of this discipline. They include the anabolic steroids. They are happily being known that natural supplements can successfully replace artificial products. The consumption of Peruvian Maca (Lepidium Peruvianun) in conjunction with creatine, provides effectiveness for increasing muscle mass, but without the undesirable effects of the anabolic steroids. The Original Peruvian Maca also has extraordinarily beneficial effects on general health status, increasing alertness, improving concentration and memory. In the significant reduction of stress, at a time of increasing vigor, resistance to fatigue and energy, favoring an excellent state of mood. Therefore, the consumption of Maca in athletes with high nutritional requirement is highly recommended. Maca contains 31 minerals plus vitamins and high-quality protein, but the complex phytochemical compounds are that make it so effective for improving performance in sports. Maca contains various compounds such as Glucosinolates, Terpenoids, alkaloids, tannins, saponins, fatty acids, sterols, etc. Although the benefit of Maca begins with the consumption of 1 gram daily, recommended that the consumption of Maca for bodybuilders physicist is between 1 and 4 tablespoons daily, i.e. every person between 15 and 60 grams per day, according to consider more suitable in their particular case.

Recommended use: one teaspoon once a day for children and teens one tablespoon twice a day for adults or 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day


Peruvian Maca and the Immune System.- Peruvian Maca has the highest concentration of calcium than any other plant of its kind. This is a powerful restorative tonic for anaemic and convalescent people of diseases that require the formation of red blood cells; good also for menopause and menopause.

Maca also contains Zinc which helps the oxygenation of tissues. It also contributes to the normal development of the hair, therefore its deficiency may cause the tendency to alopecia or baldness or disorders in the appearance and vitality of the scalp.

It has been discovered that Maca contains more protein than any other Root. Its content of phosphorus, iron, iodine and calcium is also abundant. Iodine, as it is known, is a great tonic of endocrine glands, especially the thyroid. Calcium and phosphorus to help the growth of the human body and bone formation; It also has abundant carbohydrates that humans used for maintenance and replacement of power.

Maca and the Immune system


Blood: Erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets are suspended in a liquid yellow, watery, called plasma, which is the mass of blood. Plasma also contains blood, sugar, fat, and vitamins, along with salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. A six or seven percent of the plasma is made up of proteins, among them are the gamma globulin, associated with the immunity of the body against infectious diseases, and fibrin, without which blood can not clot. In 1994, Dr. Virginia Garro, expressed in his national journal which studies the properties of Maca for more than 20 years, that the analysis made by her and other scientists in other parts of the world was determined that one of the properties of Maca is the strengthen the immune system. Maca could help in healing of AIDS says: it has been shown that high content of iron strengthens cancer patients, its alkaloids Act on the central nervous system to produce energy in people who consume it, that this is notable in the treatment of elderly. Therefore it is likely that associated with other components science can be used it to treat patients with AIDS.


Menopause is a natural transition that occurs when estrogen production drops below a certain level and therefore stops ovulation and women no longer have the rule. The decrease in the production of estrogen actually occurs since the age of 35 years. When estrogen levels fall, the woman undergoes the following changes:

The blood vessels are weakened The liver does not receive impulses to make good the bad cholesterol. The density of bones begins to fall at a rate of 1-3% per year. Serotonin (the brain neurotransmitters) , which contributes to the relaxation and sleep is affected.

In consequence; These changes associated with menopause can become health problems such as:

high cholesterol, high blood pressure, damage to the bones, pains in the joints and osteoporosis. vaginal and dryness in skin, sweats, hot flashes of heat and emotional disorders such as sudden changes in smoke. increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer…



The fundamental problem of the menopause is a hormonal imbalance; moreover, the same aging process is caused largely by the drop hormone levels. Conventional medicine is often applied “hormone replacement (HRT) treatments“, in order to somehow compensate the lack of those female hormones and alleviate the symptoms of this stage. However, there are many risks associeted with that:  heart attacks, breast cancer or even dementia, among other diseases.

In addition of being expensive treatments; the inclusion of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone can indicate to the main glands of the body (the hypothalamus and the pituitary) which hormones should be produced less internally (because it has an external source), permanently damaging the natural capacity to produce these hormones, and creating a dependency on these external hormones. For these reasons many women feel frightened and who do not want to continue with this therapy.


Rejuvenation of the endocrine system naturally:

Indeed according to many prominent researchers,

Dr. Gabriel Cousens (Arizona USA) says: “whenever possible, I prefer to use a treatment with Maca Root before some hormone replacement therapy because this type of therapy (HTR) affect body glands ability ability of producing those hormones naturally. Maca has proven to be an effective treatment in patients stage of menopause; eliminating hot flashes of heat and depressions and increasing energy levels naturally. Finding the proper dosage, sometimes I have started treatment with a half teaspoon of maca powder or 3 capsules daily. In some cases I have increased the dose to a teaspoon or six capsules a day for maximum effectiveness”.


Benefits of MACA before, during and after menopause

The surprising thing about Maca Root is the fact that it contains natural substances that stimulate the “pituitary and the hypothalamus“. These glands, in turn, activate the ovaries, adrenals, testes, thyroid and pancreas to return them to a healthy functioning, as well as produce a normal number of hormones. This has been demonstrated with sex hormones by salivary hormone tests. In addition, a number of people taking thyroid medications have realized that they can stop taking or reduce the use of thyroid hormone.

During perimenopause (symptoms that lead to the last menstrual period), the consumption of maca from this stage helps in the hormonal balance which is unbalanced at this stage. For example if the estrogen is the dominant, maca will increase levels of progesterone hormones to find a point of balance. In addition consumption of maca at this stage helps the endocrine system to be healthy; what contributes to ease the effects of menopause.

During menopause: MACA prevents the emergence of flashes of heat, caused by hormonal imbalances; the mood swings are also reduced thanks to a treatment with this Andean tuber. Many doctors are already prescribing maca to treat “chronic fatigue syndrome”, adrenal fatigue, and to restore the energy and vigour of the elderly.

During post-menopausal: at this stage the maca helps to increase hormone levels to a State post-menopausal healthier; In addition to preventing osteoporosis (thanks to its large quantity of calcium), very common in the post-menopausal. To this respect tells Stephanie Smith “a patient who had been taking maca for more than one year had a series of studies of density in the skeletal system and showed an increase in the density of the column”.

No product is effective for all women, but in the majority of cases, maca works very well.


26 The menopausal symptoms that you can alleviate with help of the Peruvian Maca Root Hot flashes, sweating attacks Palpitations Irritability Mood swings, crying spells Sleep disturbances Irregular rules Low libido, lack of sexual desire Vaginal dryness Sudden fatigue Anguish Pessimism, depression Concentration problems Loss of memory Incontinence to sneeze or laugh Dry and red skin Pains in muscles, tendons and joints Increased muscle tension Painful or tender breasts

Gastrointestinal problems:

Indigestion, flatulence Increase in allergies Sudden weight gain Hair loss Tingling in the extremities Bleeding gums Osteoporosis



A recent study made by the National University of San Marcos has found that Maca improves the antioxidant defenses level and energizing the memory and learning capacities in animals

Maca (“Lepidium meyenii Walp“), one of the most famous Andean roots in the world for its revitalizing properties also improve learning and memory, according to a study at the Research Center of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine of the National University of San Marcos (San Marcos).

Dr. Raquel Oré Sifuentes, responsible for the research, said that in reaching this conclusion, the effect of energizing  maca on memory and learning in animals, through biochemical tests.

“Weanling rats that had an average of 21 days old were given for 15 days, yellow maca aqueous extract at doses ranging from 0.4 mg, 0.8 mg and 1.2 mg per gram of weight, “she explained.

To ensure that these animals consumed precise doses, the Maca Extract was given by orogastric tube, said the head of research “Effect of aqueous extract of maca on cognitive function in weanling rats”, which was also exposed at the Havana International Conference ORP 2009, in Cuba.

The Test of Morris

After the consumption of this product coming from Carhuamayo (Junín), rodents were tested on an evaluation known in the scientific community as examining spatial learning Morris water test.

“The average water temperature was 27 ° C, and for three days was analyzed the issue of learning and one day the memory,” she said.

The results found were valuable, especially in the aspect of memory, because those rats that consumed higher doses of maca extract had a better response, said Dr. Rachel Oré, who since 2002 is involved with the study of this root.

“Animals that consumed higher doses of Maca extract found the Morris’ test platform in better time – much faster” she said.

On top of that result, after culminating the research, the brain was removed from the animals and found that several of them had improved antioxidant defenses, after verifying the inhibition of the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase, which would improve the cognitive function.

The Maca of the Andes has beneficial properties specially to the nervous system and the memory. This Peruvian Maca Root is a great energizer and hormonal regulator. Reported beneficial effects of maca for sexual function could be due to its high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients. Among the health benefits of the Andean maca include: • Increased mental energy. Ideal for cases of asthenia. • Increased libido. Maca is a natural aphrodisiac that greatly increases libido in both men and women, so called “natural Viagra“. It is usually a good ally for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. It also helps in some cases of infertility. • Increases physical endurance and athletic performance. Increases sense of energy and wellbeing. It is an adaptogen that makes our body easily adapts to stress by giving more power to the body against physical and mental weakness, shielding the defense cuts. • Regulates and stimulates the endocrine function to improve all diseases that originate from hormones or glands that manufacture them. All functions of our body that are affected by the glands and their hormones are enhanced with Maca: essential metabolic functions such as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain function, the nervous system and levels of energy. Hormones regulate almost all our body, so that maca causes an improvement in almost every aspect of our lives. Hormones regulate our mood up (or mood swings), growth, menstruation, sexual development. Hormones play a role in many diseases such as some cancers and depression. • It supports the adrenal glands, while maintaining the overall health of the body in stressful situations. • The maca has an analgesic effect due to the terpenoids and saponins. That gives a power to relieve pain by acting as an expectorant and sedative. • Maca is a powerful aid for the symptoms of PMS and pre-menopause and menopause. By acting directly on the glands and so on effects of any hormonal change such as the rule or menopause. Relieves night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes and have a high content of calcium, prevents osteoporosis. Helps the skin does not dry out. • Prevents Prostate Cancer • Increases testosterone • deeper sleep • Improves memory and brain function • Slows the aging process • Reverses vaginal dryness • Stops hair loss • Strengthens nails • Do not let calluses form on the heels

Maca contraindications Being a food and not a drug, unless abused (as with any food), no known contraindications of any kind. Peru’s basic unalimento. Occasionally some people when they start taking maca may notice the symptoms of detoxification, which, it is possible that for a few days to feel symptoms such as halitosis, white tongue, headache, dizziness, etc.. It gradually disappears as the body has already been cleaned. By providing energy, it may be noticed insomnia. This is avoided by not consuming the afternoon or evening. Maca contains a lot of fiber (8.5%), therefore, may have an impact on the digestive system. When consumed in excess, can be altered digestion gas and even diarrhea feeling.